Warranty & Claims
Management Solution

Increase consumer confidence in your products and build loyalty.

With DigiTS Warranty & Claims Management Solution your key stakeholders from manufacturers and distributors to dealers, suppliers, and customers will have the tools they need to improve data visibility product quality, customer experience, and reduce warranty expenditures.

WCM helps to Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all warranty processes by simplifying and automating product registrations, service-plans, warranty-claims, returns, supplier recovery and service campaigns as per defined policies of the organization.
DigiTS WCM Solution Features &
Capabilities Include:
  • Manufacturer Control & Engagement: When manufacturer have the ability to access and update their warranty & claims electronically it saves a lot of time and money, which also benefits with more accurate, transparent, and timely information.
  • Cost & Time Savings: Drastically reduces time spent on administrative duties, with an WCM system in place, those with warranty & claim processing duties will have more time to focus on productive channel building with improved service.
  • Improved Turn Around Time (TAT): By streamlining processes, eliminating data errors, automating approval workflow, parts return, supplier recovery, and identification of issues which requires action
  • Information Accuracy: While paper claims are often rejected due to inaccuracies, omissions, or other problems, submitting claims electronically can result in fewer lost or incomplete claims. The solution also helps to inform customers on campaigns, product launch, collaterals, and upgrades
  • Centralized Platform: View all products, customers & warranty data in one location, with hyperlinks to additional information for increased visibility, customize views by role, to manage what different users have access to.
  • Product improvement: If the manufacturers are not able to analyze product failures and track recurring problems, there are chances for them to miss the opportunity to do developments to their products.
  • Decreased fraud claims: Policies and processes are incorporated into business logic. Effective processes result in the higher perceptibility of warranty information. Integration reduces warranty prices, thereby improving the first error detection method, widening the possibility of the better value of the product.
  • Better Analytics Insights: Dashboards & Reports to give customers a visual overview of all claims data, providing better insights to detect patterns for data driven decisions
  • Configurable Solution: Our highly configurable solution provides you with a more cost-effective way to implement changes to the system, without relying on internal IT. Easily map your business processes and organizational structure into the platform
  • Enhanced Data Security: reduces vulnerability of misuse/loss & damage of physical copies, companies can migrate their sensitive data to the database and ensure higher data security with only relevant people accessing it.
  • Integration with Existing Application: WCM provides a tighter integration with any existing ERP system and related application for a seamless flow of data information.


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