Order Picking Productivity:

Everything You Need to Know

Order Picking Productivity:

Everything You Need to Know

Managing warehouse logistics has become more challenging over recent years with the growing complexity of supply chains and the introduction of omnichannel and e-commerce orders. For your orders to be delivered on-time and in full, you need to have detailed warehouse processes. You can help your workers by providing them with a mobile order picking solution which helps streamline fulfilment.

DigiTS Order Picking App allows you to mix and match technology for all order picking methods including batch picking, multi-order picking, wave picking, zone picking and pick by line. Your operators will prepare orders fasters and without errors, so you can meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs), deliver on-time and mange unplanned deliveries, even during busy periods.
By examining the total SKUs within your warehouse and analysing slow-movers, medium-movers, and fast-movers, you are able to determine the perfect combination of storage mediums to assign each SKU to its optimal position (or slot).

Another key advantage is the extended use of this solution for organizations who don’t have WMS or if they are manual in GR operations or not tagging the GR against PO.

Quite simply, Goods-Receipt is the heart of your warehouse because every later process depends on this being performed correctly. Using workflows that log, count, and register your inventory as it enters the warehouse will provide benefits throughout the entire order fulfilment journey.

Using DigiTS provides the following
order picking benefits for your business:
  • Fulfil more orders per day
  • Barcode Scanning feature for operational efficiency
  • Achieve at least 99% picking accuracy.
  • Eliminate costly returns and penalties for mis-shipments.
  • Extend the solution to do Goods Received Note (GRN) the record that physical verification for receipt of goods by warehouse staff, useful for supplier orders and inter-warehouse transfers
  • Enable fast or same day shipping.
  • Comply with traceability regulations.
  • Enjoy scalability and flexibility as your operations demand
  • Gives accurate information on Inventory in the warehouse
  • Use the App for Stock-taking or "inventory checking" is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse. This may be done to provide an audit of existing stock at periodic intervals


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