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Market dynamics are constantly evolving, and manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors need more than a B2B or B2C strategy. You need a flexible and intelligent solution we like to call Business to Everyone (B2E) to seize opportunities with A new ecosystem which involves use of digital solutions & data integration to streamline processes and improve efficiency by creating a cohesive omni-channel experience

Taking your business online doesn’t just increase profits and boost sales.
It also benefits your business’s overall effectiveness, and here’s how:
adjust, grow!

B2B eCommerce solution lets you effectively monitor your customers’ activity, project forecasts, and quickly adjust to shifts in demand. For example, if certain customers like to order specific products, you can develop a promotional campaign targeted to this select clientele. These data-driven insights eventually help increase sales volume and overall business growth.

customer interactions

The right online B2B ordering solution can help you establish a standardised communication infrastructure between you and your customers. You can instantly personalise your product catalog for each of your customers, make selected product categories available to select customers, and offer special deals to your most valued customers.

operational costs

An online B2B ordering platform can make your business more profitable on an operations level. First, telecommunication and data-entry costs can almost be eliminated when using an eCommerce platform, and second, your daily workflow can be managed in a centralised location, making it easier and more seamless for you to meet both current and future demand.

Digital Trend –
Going Paperless

DigiTS B2B Solution offers everything you need to manage your B2B web store (Portal/App) for multiple brands, key accounts or channel partners in a complete paperless environment alongside the environmental benefits associated with reducing your paper usage, you’ll also free up budget usually spent on consumables, which can be put towards other business needs.

DigiTS B2B solution Features &
Capabilities include:
  • Order creation - Drive recurring revenue with fast, frictionless ordering & reordering for common purchases
  • Customer –special pricing, promotions,
  • Delivery Status – Tracking your orders
  • Business Operations –DN/Invoice/Returns/AR Collection/Payment on Account
  • Self Service – Customer can take Statement of Account for any duration
  • BI Analytics Insight – Reports & KPI’s with complete data visibility
  • Integrate with any ERP, SFA or related application in near-real time basis
  • Customer Services - support sales to corporate accounts with multiple levels of buyers with varying roles & permissions


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